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Welcome! I am S.E. Gordon, aka Scott Gordon, author of over 100 children's books and tales of fantasy, science fiction and horror. This website is currently undergoing a makeover and will be loaded with new content shortly. Keep checking back for updates. You won't be disappointed!

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Vampire Hunters: Calamity - Chapter 1: Captivé

February 8, 2016 at 10:37 PM

Mysterious Girl

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“Another dress? No thanks, ma,” I told her on my fourteenth birthday. “I’d like a hunting knife instead.”

She eyed me curiously, as if I had just told her that I was no longer a virgin. “And what do you need a knife for, Cailan?”

“To kill vampires, of course.”

“It takes a lot more than a knife to kill a vampire.” She rubbed the scar above her ear.

“A toothpick can be lethal if you know how to use it. At least, that’s what the old man told me,” I replied.

Momma pursed her lips, and began knitting again, but I was smitten with my new occupation. At first I thought I would be angry when she started seeing the stranger a few months ago, but my heart warmed every time he passed by.

Initially I thought he was a dork…all right, perhaps he is a dork; but when I caught him throwing knives into an old post I was captivated. I hid behind a bush and watched for a while, certain he could not see me. Knife after knife he buried into the pillar, each the same distance apart. After tossing his three knives, he yanked them out and began again.

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Without You - Chapter 7: Legions

September 21, 2011 at 12:00 AM


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Torn from my dreams
As our spirits touch
Dumped back inside
This dirty stinking lair

Impossibly he rises
This bleak world
Full of surprises
The corpse staggers
Knees wobble
Creeps along
With a hobble
Casting a dark shadow
Over me

He paws at the cranium
On the floor
Sinuous shadows
Scurry deep inside
He scoops up his fetid crown
Places it aright
Then turns to me and frowns

Blood trickles
Down his cheeks
Tears of wisdom
Now fully aware
Of how little
Resides over there

All along
Was nothing more
Than an empty song

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Without You - Chapter 6: Keepsake

September 20, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Snow Globe

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I hold the world
In the palm
Of my hand
Everything I hoped for
Everything I dreamed of
In this tiny piece of heaven

I shake the globe
Ivory flakes
Spin round and round
I thought them snow
But snow I have not seen
Since The Departure
Only the frost of night
That comes and goes
Before the morning arrives

No longer
Will I mistake it
Such ethereal rain
‘Tis no more than ash
Swirling round
Silver and blue spires
A castle crafted
With fairy tales in mind
Such stories
Long forgotten
In the shadow
Of my past

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The Key of Neverhence - Chapter 2: Giggle Worms

September 19, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Tiga, the Tree of Life

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Ivy snatched my hand as sparks of light shot from her wings. Before I could rip my hand away, the meadow spun out from beneath us. Higher and higher we arced until all was lost in a misty haze. Slowly our speed tapered off as we slipped through an opening in the tree’s canopy. Snuggled deep in the tree’s embrace, a town sparkled below.

“This is Holloway Springs,” Ivy whispered.

Silver spires swept by as we glided past a series of towers and sundecks. Carved into Holloway Springs’ upper extremities lay the housing communities of Y’nnowyn, Merrymore, and Lillipucker Folley. Painted decks gift-wrapped the dwellings with vanilla, cherry, and grape trim.

As we drifted below, more of the town’s stunning architecture came into view. My heart raced as I realized that one of the domes sat atop a giant library. Had the faeries really discovered the invention known as books? Perhaps there was a place for me after all, at least for a couple weeks.

Town Square was a spectacle unto itself: A series of conjoined discs with minimal structural support hung in the air. Main Street, the causeway snaking through the heart of Halloway Springs, teemed with bustling gardens, quaint little coffee shops and cascading fountains that poured into the levels below. A series of arching bridges tied together the remaining communities of Etherharp, Dewdrop and Wandering Way.

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Without You - Chapter 5: Muddle

September 18, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Female Zombie

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He tells me
He loves me
That I look
Just as I did
Before the flash
That took the skin
From his hands and face
Dare I tell him
He looks worse off
Than I do?

He offers a mug of dirty water
And scraps of moldy bread
But I do not touch them
Or anything
In this disheveled lair
Carved into the hill

He asks how I am
What I’ve done
Who I’ve been with
I am not your dog
You creep
But the words come out wrong
The only word
His pea-brain discerns
Is the one
That has eluded me
For so many nights

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Tell-Tale Signs - Chapter 1

September 17, 2011 at 8:48 PM

White Sands

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2 December

Yesterday a man approached me about a game. It would be fun, he promised. He would show me that my reluctance was misplaced, and perhaps, even a bit childish. I am not a man for games; I simply do not have the time. There are much better ways to pass the day, and the thought of dragging metal toys across a slab of fold out cardboard nauseates me.

“You win,” I told him. I was even willing to kick in a few bucks just so he would leave me alone.

“It’s one of a kind,” he promised.

Cognizant of the eyes upon me, I relented, and took a seat opposite him. Since I was new in town, I did not want to make myself out to be more of a prick than was already suspected, so I entertained the old geezer and his endless prattle.

“I could be home right now,” I thought to myself as we took turns dividing up our armies and placing them on the board. When not composing I can be found pouring over my archives, or acquiring a new skill. The thought of playing a board game was absurd at best, yet here I found myself.

My mind wandered from the game at hand to the sandy white beaches of my vacation home in Napili. I had made an investment years ago for a condo overlooking the ocean for the astronomical price of $195,000 in the late ‘80s. I had only purchased it because I knew I could rent it out the other fifty weeks of the year while I was away. After the first six months the condo began paying for itself and providing extra cash for my annual visit. Twelve years later property values skyrocketed and my humble two-bedroom two-bath condo with lanai peaked at $1.2 million.

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Vampire Hunters: Prelude - TWENTY

September 17, 2011 at 12:55 PM


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I spied them in the branches above, shadows springing from tree to tree. Silently, in unison with the howling wind, bare limbs clattering together, clickety-clack, clickety-clack, masking their advance to the untrained ear.

“Is it always so windy this side of Mayenne?” My frosty breath dissipated before me. The wind swelled, revealing my crossbow underneath, and nearly taking my wool hat with it. I tucked my journal into my pocket, and pulled my coat shut.

“Always.” The guide prodded his black mare forward. He was tall and slender, dawning a white lace shirt and tan breeches, oblivious to the biting wind. Brown curls fell to his shoulders, green eyes matching the emerald stream behind him. “I am Darrien Laroche, son of Hadrian.” He offered a hand.

“No names.” I waved him off, preferring to linger in the shade of the tree. “After you, my friend.”

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