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GoDOS (with GoBASIC)

(c)1990 by PHOENIX 2000

Getting Started

This contains the GoDOS operating system with GoBASIC. GoBASIC is included so that more ADAM owners can start making use of this graphic computing power. Just turn the system on according to Coleco's instructions, insert the medium in any drive and pull the computer reset. Two title screens will appear as the program loads into memory. When finished, you are presented with six software options; select GoBASIC. To do this, just move the hand-pointer to the words "get GoBASIC" on the command line (with the arrow keys, joystick, or mouse). Now just tap <RETURN> twice (right trigger on your game controller or right button on mouse). GoBASIC instantly appears in memory ready for you to use. "RUN" the DEMO programs to get more familiar with the system. Be SURE to read the HELP NOTES in the programs that offer this option.

When you are ready to start programming in GoBASIC print out the 19 "COM" files on the other disk (with SmartWRITER). You will automatically be included in our GoDOS database when you register your purchase. This will entitle you to receive GoDOS 2.0 and the USERS MANUAL when completed. These will be shipped to you upon completion whether you purchase from PHOENIX 2000 or another vendor. You will also receive update reports periodically until the final version and the extensive hardcopy manual are shipped to you .

The User Interface

At the top the GoDOS window is the COMMAND LINE; this contains the primary options for a program. When you DOUBLE CLICK on an option (point to it and tap <RETURN> twice) another action takes place. This is typically a PULL-DOWN menu appearing beneath the selected COMMAND BOX or a DIALOG BOX popping up. The PULL-DOWN MENU works just like the options in the command line; just point to your preference and DOUBLE CLICK on it. The purpose of the DIALOG BOX will vary from program to program, though it will typically present some information and require you to DOUBLE CLICK on an ICON OPTION (small picture) within the ICON LINE of the DIALOG BOX.

When you first CLICK on an option it will REVERSE color. If you CLICK on it a second time you signify that this is indeed the option you want. If you don't want the option just tap any other key. This is what makes the user interface so easy; there is nothing to remember. Just POINT-AND-CLICK.

The Demo Programs

You will note that each of the demo programs is written in GoBASIC. These are just SIMPLE demonstrations of the system's capabilities. To get a more extensive look at the various possibilities, experiment with the numerous GoBASIC commands. Upon completion of version 2.0, you will have many commercial quality Z80 programs to choose from for use with the operating system. Also at that time the Technical Reference Manual will allow other assembly programmers to start encoding their own GoDOS commercial programs.


The finished version of GoBASIC will have about 30 more commands. There will also be a few more GoDOS functions. There is one major shortcoming to the version that you have. When I finished the beta version, I patched the system to only have an 8K BASIC workspace for testers to experiment with. Making updates thereafter I inadvertently lost track of these patches. Thus, you have a small workspace with this particular version; but, you can do some amazing things even with this limited area (you can also chain programs by having one run another).

Version 2.0 will have approximately 40K of GoBASIC workspace; approximately 50K of direct GoDOS workspace (with larger options for bigger memory expanders).


Play around with the various GoBASIC commands. GoDOS has just about all SmartBASIC, SmartLOGO, and PowerPAINT capabilities combined into one system. There is currently one Public Domain volume of GoBASIC programs (written mostly by Joe Quinn of the Mobile AUG to demonstrate the use of the various commands); others are currently being written as well. I hope that you enjoy your new operating system while 2.0 is completed and commercial quality support software is underway. THANK YOU for your purchase.

In Closing

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions concerning GoDOS and/or GoBASIC please write to me. If you'd like a reply, please include a SASE. Also, let me know if a speedy hand-written reply will be okay.

Solomon Swift
P.O. Box 1292
KM, NC 28086

(The address above is no longer valid. It has been included for historical accuracy.)