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Quotes from Jon Anderson

"As soon as I could learn to play a guitar, which quite honestly took a hell of a long time - I was 24 when I first started playing - I realized that I could write songs."

"Bands listen and glean ideas from other bands."

"Basically, you're surviving, your life is a question of survival and you maintain a standard of music over the years and you keep going."

"Because I was guided toward doing it, this album, The More You Know, is kind of a funky album."

"I can walk to the disco, boom boom boom, a rave thing and I dig it but I'm not going to go into the bloody room! You know what I'm saying?"

"I could play anything. I don't know that I can play great but I can pick up an instrument and play and I just love that fact. I'm self-taught so I have no restrictions."

"I didn't want to be a pop star, and I thought I was too old anyway."

"I just did a show with the Cleveland Youth Orchestra and I did song from that album that will only get played as long as I'll sing it because the band won't play it."

"I know when I started I would have been happy to sound like the Beatles or Joe Tex or whoever. You want to sound like most bands, you want to sound like their records and that's how you learn your chops."

"I listened hard but could not see. Life tempo change out and inside me."

"I love X-Games music."

"I think one of the great moments of my life was when I could write musician on my passport."

"I wanted to be a musician surrounded by musicians that care."

"I wanted, personally, to go along that path of inventiveness and adventure in music."

"I'm 60 this year and I feel like an elder and I don't feel anything wrong in that."

"I'm in music school and learning every day. I'm working on ideas every day and it gives me a reason to continue."

"I've got a thousand songs. I just got in a trunk full of songs I've written over the years and there must be a thousand songs there."

"I've left the band a couple of times when it wasn't really fun for me and did other things that were very happy, very fun for me."

"If I can find somebody to work with I will."

"It is a style of music, it is a style within itself based on structure, musical ideas, and forms but not limited by time."

"It was more a willingness to investigate the potential of being in a rock 'n' roll band and basically stretch the imagination."

"It's interesting to find a band in Japan that sounds just like Yes and a band in Germany that do just Yes covers."

"It's like we're a band of brothers on tour and it's not always easy but we survive because we have our music and we have a great fan base that loves what we do."

"It's only that fate gave us that chance and we stood by it and decided to work harder to create two ways, two roads."

"Like management will say that wasn't a great album because it didn't make it on radio but you can still take it on tour and make it better and better because it was given musical birth in the studio."

"My celebration is being home and being quiet and then going on the road and checking it out."

"The music is still good but unfortunately a couple of the guys in the band had a tough time with that album. For one reason or another they don't want to do songs from that album on stage."

"The thought of having a kid stricken with cancer just floored me. My children are everything to me."

"There are no boundaries to how the music is developed. And the lyrical content has always been very positive. It's a combination of those things."

"We can't just ramble through a piece of music that took us a couple months to create. If you create a piece of music and then you don't get a chance to perform it on stage it's really a shame."

"We did an album called Magnification and the record company went bankrupt."

"We just got back from a trip and wherever we go there's a bunch of people - three or four thousand people, sometimes six or seven thousand people - just come and they're so into this band and a lot of them are young people who are so into the band."

"We just set out to be a good band."

"We know how we are, who we are, what we are, and we've matured. We still have our moments believe me but life is like that. I don't know any group that hasn't had problems all the way through their career. Even Elvis was in a mess."

"We realized an acoustic set, playing songs we hadn't played for a long long time, gave them a new lease on life."

"We still play songs we wrote ten years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago, there's still the same impetus for these people to play and you can never ever be overly satisfied with a performance."

"We want to revisit some older material as well as new material. We want to embrace the history of the band as well as the future."

"When I left I just played in rock bands, and started playing acoustic, washed dishes, but pretty much supported myself with music."

"When you're in creation you should not judge it by what other people say."

"You become successful, you become a celebrity, you become a superstar or whatever. Or you become successful and you dig in and you create and you become a career person. I don't go out to celebrity things. I like the idea of it but it's not my game."

"You spend hours creating it and just because it wasn't a hit record because it just happens to be 15 minutes long doesn't mean it's a bad piece of music or wasn't worth the trip."

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