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Quotes from Marc Andreessen

"A couple of months ago I started to get frustrated and decided to try to cut back. Also, I think overexposure would be a really bad thing."

"Any new technology tends to go through a 25-year adoption cycle."

"Congestion is only ever a problem if bandwidth is standing still."

"Even as late as '95, the Net was populated by early adopters, defense contractors, techies, and academics. It was completely unclear whether it would spread beyond that to consumers and business users."

"First of all, what we're basically going to do is, we're going to provide our customers with interoperability - whatever that takes, whatever that means."

"For, instance, you can't, today, buy a piece of software that lets a publisher on the network charge for access by the page."

"I don't think anything can take away share from IE, but I think the open-source alternatives can do just fine in their own way."

"I had been using IE for three or four years before, because it was rendering page views faster. But now Mozilla does it faster."

"I think convergence is a model. I think interconnection is probably the right model. If you connect one to the other, I think you're pretty much there."

"I think it's going to be a huge interconnection of all of these system, including, over time, some derivative of cable TV and some derivative of the current public telephone system."

"I think the applications of something like Netscape to internal networks and to corporate-wide LANs are at least as interesting as applied to the Internet as a whole."

"I think the types of networks that they're used to - companies - is an excellent indicator of where things are going to be going."

"I wish them the best, but it's not as if you're about to see Safari go from 0 percent market share to 47 percent."

"I'm using Mozilla pretty much full time. I switched six or nine months ago."

"If the value is there, then that's the way it's going to be and the value's going to be good, and, if the value's not there, it's not going to happen."

"In the late '90s, everyone got incredibly excited about the opportunities. A dynamic got created where there was more money than time, and that led to excesses: too many hires, too many servers, too much new software."

"In the long term, I think it makes sense to start expanding the two-way communication mechanisms in the browser."

"In the very short term, the only bottleneck is really into the hub."

"It all comes down to a matter of access control: a matter of private domains of activity and public domains of activity and the ability for you to seamlessly jump between all of the different domains that you have access to."

"It was in the right part of the country, certainly - I fell in love with California the first time I came out here, in late 93, I think."

"No, I like being in a situation where you've got a clear motivation and a clear means to be able to do something really significant."

"Obviously, there's a ways to go, so you can do interesting things like you can have hyperlinks to News articles that point to other News articles or to other documents, have inline images in these articles, the whole set of things like that."

"People still thought interactive TV would rule the world."

"So, then I met Jim Clark and we started talking about various things we could do and it made a lot of sense to try and do that in the context of a new company."

"So, we'll support Secure HTTP, as well as whatever else emerges, but I do think it's important to understand that there aren't standards right now."

"So, what we've formed this company to try to do, as rapidly as possible, is drive the deployment of software that is easy to use - that is packaged software that a lot of people can use to do a lot of interesting things."

"Startups are stressful, and Netscape was no different."

"Supporting NetWare LANs is certainly one of the things on our plate - it's one of the things we want to do as a company."

"The first alpha version came out in January of 1993, and the first beta version came out in March. But the real launch was in April 1993 when about 10,000 people started using Mosaic."

"The front ends have become more powerful and had more resources put into them, so far, than the back end has and I think that's a real problem, because both sides have to advance for the entire system to advance. The back end is probably the limiter."

"The idea is that over the last 10 years people have bought an enormous amount of software and servers for Web applications. But while the Internet opened up all this potential power, it also created the problem of actually making all these things work."

"The other thing about the barriers to real commercial activity is, fundamentally, there's a lack of software along a wide variety of types of things that people want to do."

"The reason I've kind of enjoyed the past several months is that I think I've been able to help the company a great deal - been able to help the shared interests of everyone at the company by raising the company's profile a great deal."

"There was a huge amount of browser development from 1993 to 1998, then nothing much happened from 1998 to 2002."

"There's always more demands than there's time to meet them, so it's constantly a matter of trying to balance them."

"We basically reached the end of what we were able to do at NCSA. It got popular and, after that, there's basically no way for an organization of that nature to maintain it."

"We're putting quite a bit more investment into the back end of things than we are into even the browser, because, really, things have gotten out of whack."

"We've always had support for reading newsgroups in Netscape, and we've had some support for posting to newsgroups in Netscape, but we've made quite a few enhancements to the News interface for 1.1 to make it easier to do that."

"With the Internet, we're really 10 years into what will ultimately look like a 25-year cycle from invention to full implementation."

"Yeah, I think there are a number of things we're going to be doing with Novell. I think those are basically going to unfold over the next few months - over the next year."

"You can only soak up government money for so long trying to do things that the management of the institution really would prefer that you not do."

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