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Quotes from Keren Ann

"Everything is temporary. Everything is bound to end."

"I don't have a favorite place to play."

"I like the fact that there is challenge."

"I spend a lot of time writing in New York."

"I think it's very good to have regrets, to learn how to live with them."

"I think many experiences are bound to be failures, and sometimes I regret them before they even happen."

"I was in the studio so much, it was about the search for air in a metaphoric sense, and the breathing has more to do with travel for me, about the search musically for open air."

"I'm always on a train or a plane, so wherever I happen to be is home."

"I'm nothing more than what you actually see, but I am also the complete opposite."

"I'm very attached to Paris because I have a base there and am also recording there, but New York is home to me when I'm in the U.S., because it's nice to have a bed to go back to."

"If I look at it, it's about being able to get lost in New York, to explore the city, to have more personal stories about New York, although some could also take place in Paris."

"It was an hour and a half plane ride, so I slept. I try to sleep because that's probably the only time I get to get my real sleep. When I can't sleep I read books or watch movies."

"It's a part of my Russian influence, regretting everything. It's like loneliness - it's something you're born with."

"It's always a mixture of fiction and your own story. It's more I recreate atmospheres and moods through songs."

"It's just trying everyday to do the best you can and to enjoy what you have with the mixture of the venue and the sound and the crowd."

"So usually even if you like a sentence or a story or something, it won't come out that way - it'll come out years later, and in a different way, and you don't really control that."

"Sometimes you're trapped in writing songs and you don't have enough distance from what you do anymore and you need the talent and the years of other people to come and jump in."

"Well, I grew up between Holland and Israel and then moved to France when I was eleven."

"When you record, you live with what you recorded for many many years, but when you play it's just an hour and a half and then once it's over it's over."

"When you write songs, you can't really point out the exact thing you're inspired by. It's more a state or a mood or an atmosphere that you're trying to put into words."

"You arrive every day to a difference place, and sometimes something you don't expect at all becomes a magical moment."

"You're just luggage who follows the parents and then suddenly you come to a place that seems like home, so you stay."

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