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Quotes from Billie Armstrong

"A punk concert isn't fun without a pit."

"I approach playing acoustic guitar more of as a percussive instrument. It's fragile. I don't have a lot of finesse when it comes to my guitar playing."

"I don't like LA. The majority just seem to be so artificial. Look at how they worship everything they think is fashionable. Isn't it sick?"

"I don't want to limit myself musically. It would be really limiting if we'd neglect something we really want to do, like explore other styles of music."

"I don't want to live in an ivory tower, being the songwriter who just turns inward."

"I hate celebrities. I really hate them."

"I never thought being obnoxious would get me where I am today."

"I sort of enjoy the fact that I'm misunderstood most of the time. That's fine."

"I think it's your own choice if you turn from an angry young man to a bitter, old bastard."

"I'd love to go to art school. I'd love to learn how to draw. I'd love to be fluent in Spanish. I'd like to be a brain surgeon."

"I'm a father. It isn't just my life any more. I don't want my kid finding bottles in the house or seeing his father completely smashed."

"I'm very monogamous."

"If Britney would paint her ass green, I'm sure you could spot green asses all over LA as soon as the word was out."

"If I look at my old lyrics, they seem to be full of rage, but empty. There was an emptiness in my life."

"If journalists ask you again and again about the same bands, you'll end up saying you hate them just because you're so fed up with being asked all those stupid questions."

"If you have children, you don't want to have drugs and drinks in the house. It's just not good."

"Making mistakes is a lot better than not doing anything."

"Moshing and broken glass just don't go together."

"Music - that's been my education. There's not a day that goes by that I take it for granted."

"No one's really happy anyway, it's not human."

"Our passion is our strength."

"People are so damned afraid that one day they might wake up and discover that they've grown old."

"Punk has always been about doing things your own way. What it represents for me is ultimate freedom and a sense of individuality."

"Punk is not just the sound, the music. Punk is a lifestyle."

"Punk will never be dead to me. It's my life. I can never just drop this lifestyle. It embodies me."

"School is practice for future life, practice makes perfect and nobodys perfect, so why practice?"

"The thing is, acoustic could be like a four-letter word to a lot of kids."

"There are a lot of bands who claim to be punk and they only play the music, they have no clue what it's all about. It's a lifestyle. It's not about popularity and all that crap."

"We put everything we had into this record, just like we do with every other record that we make."

"We're not a political band. We don't want to tell people what to do or what to think. We just want to tell them to think."

"What annoys the hell out of me is the arrogance of some people. They don't even listen to our music, they decided in advance that they don't like it."

"What is going on in America is extreme. The youth cult, they worship youth so much it's almost paranoid. And LA is the Mecca of it all; they're taking it to the hilt."

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