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Quotes from Darren Aronofsky

"All the subway sequences were stolen, because to shoot in the New York City subway, to get a permit for one day is probably the budget of our movie."

"Animators have to live life 24 times as long as we do - every 24 frames of a second."

"As filmmakers, we can show where a person's mind goes, as opposed to theater, which is more to sit back and watch it."

"At the end of Requiem all I wanted to do was get a DV camera and just do a small film. But then the hunger comes back."

"Casting ethnic characters is a very hard thing to do, but it's important. It's also interesting."

"Comic books and graphic novels are a great medium. It's incredibly underused."

"Every story has its own film grammar, so you have to sort of figure out what the story is about and then figure out what each scene is about, and then that tells you where to put the camera."

"Everyone has read a Batman comic. Everyone who's going to spend 30 bucks on a comic book is going to spend the 10 to see the movie. It's a different experience."

"Having an Indian sex symbol is something you never see, but it works. And having badass Jews as opposed to the traditional sort of Jews you see in film is important."

"I couldn't sleep one night and I was sitting in my office and I realized that I was an independent filmmaker."

"I decided to figure out the cheapest way to do it that still preserved the vision and the big concepts I wanted to explore."

"I have a hard time doing two things at once."

"I hope that Requiem is better than Pi. I hope that Pi is better than my student films, and I'm hoping that I'm getting better as I get older."

"I only want to work with actors that really get it and make it work. I didn't want it to be a star-driven thing anymore."

"I studied with a lot of leading cabal scholars in the world. They shared a lot of their secrets."

"I was a TV junkie as a kid. I am the Sesame Street generation."

"I was thinking about what the repercussions are on people and on love because now that people are living longer, you're not just married to someone for 20 or 30 years, but for 50 or 60 years."

"I'll take different threads from different ideas and weave a carpet of cool ideas together."

"I'm Godless. I've had to make my God, and my God is narrative filmmaking."

"I'm not a comic book guy at all."

"I'm really excited to see Batman Begins. I think it looks great. It's a hard thing to do because you have to make it for a real audience."

"I've always wanted to introduce hip-hop filmmaking to film. There's hip-hop art, dance, music, but there really isn't hip-hop film. So I was trying to do that."

"If you ask any person on this crew what they think of Hugh Jackman they'll admit they've never seen anything like it. I'll give him an emotional note and he'll hit it every time."

"In The New York Times magazine there was an article about this doctor who thinks aging is a disease and can be cured. There's this huge quest in our culture now to stay young and we do it mostly physically."

"It's really hard for me, the writing phase."

"Less is more. There was a lot of detail I knew we wouldn't be using. We wanted it to be in darkness and shadows a lot because when you're working on a limited budget, it's never quite good enough."

"Now Hollywood can do cool battle scenes. So I'm going to do a battle scene."

"Now there is so much expertise and brainpower it's hard to be at the cutting edge of what's cool and not do something that's totally geeky."

"People are saying that our kids are going to live to 110. What does that kind of lifetime mean?"

"Pi is sort of autobiographical. That's my life, sitting in an apartment alone."

"Psychologically I thought I was shooting. I did everything but shoot it and show it to people."

"Requiem was very much those themes, the TV addiction, the relationship between the mother and the son. It's not about selling out."

"Right now I never want to make another movie. But it's day 56 of shooting."

"The goal is to make good films every time or at least try. When The Fountain fell apart I thought it'd be great just to take an assignment and shoot something. But I couldn't do it."

"The Pi website was one of the first film websites out there. We were all hip because we were of that age group when the web first started."

"The whole concept behind Pi was to make a completely different film on every level, between the story, the look, the music, the concepts, the spaces, everything."

"They don't give us any tools in high school or elementary school to think about dying and death. They don't tell you that when we look at old people we sort of shut it off and lock them up in old age homes."

"Turning 30 was when my parents both got cancer and were fighting it and beat it, but their mortality started to get to me. Everything wasn't as hunky-dory like it was."

"We shot something called black and white reversal. The concept was to make a black or white movie, not a black and white movie. We didn't want any gray tones."

"What I wanted to do was hundreds of people versus hundreds of people, but that was before Troy and King Arthur came out."

"When I go to movies I generally want to be taken to another world."

"When you start with all these different ideas, they seem totally foreign and different, and then you start to push them together, and slowly but surely, they start to fit together in a way that you never expected."

"Whenever there's not emotional intensity, I just light up the fireworks. I think the biggest crime is to bore an audience."

"You have to wake up wanting to do it, and there will be days when you'll not want to get out of bed and you have to have something that pulls you out and gets you going."

"You're always looking for a unifying pattern for all these different themes in your movie, and as you start to work on them more and more, they to come together."

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