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Quotes from Jane Alexander

"All I want to do is make sure that art is available to all Americans in a participatory way, whether you engage in the art process yourself or you're an audience member."

"I began to think, The endowment has had a bad reputation in the last few years, and that's unfair."

"I don't know how one actually would define obscenity. I'm sure the definition is different according to the age one is living in."

"I guess what the president is saying with regard to the private sector is that we want to see more consistent private giving."

"I knew as well as anybody what the endowment does for artists because I had been someone it had supported through not-for-profit theater."

"I've seen society change so much since the '60s and early '70s, and still we have the endowment and still we have art."

"If a panel feels that a grant is worthy and they know the content of the work of art in question, we at the endowment will be prepared to defend it."

"It would be difficult, in this day and age, to fund art that made racial slurs."

"Most of our funding goes to organizations and is then used to leverage the private sector."

"No one's conception of art is going to be acceptable to everybody."

"Now, I cannot approve anything the council has rejected, but I can reject anything the council has approved."

"Senator Helms might very well do that. I would point out to him that we in the art world are not necessarily in the business of making controversial art."

"There's a lot of people in any given community - rural, inner-city, or whatever - who have simply no access to the arts."

"We have only two criteria, really - artistic merit and excellence - keeping in mind, now, the diversity of the American people."

"Well, in the 1990 reauthorization legislation, there was a phrase that said we do not fund obscenity as defined by a court of law."

"What we do is look for high standards of excellence in the arts."

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