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Wacky Bumper Stickers

The following is a compilation of the wildest bumper stickers to ever grace a motor vehicle. If you would like to see a bumper sticker added, please contact us.

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"C:Coffee.exe NOT FOUND bort, etry, rew another pot?"

"Cabtender I'm fitshased call me a bar to take me drunk I'm home."

"Can I test drive your vulva?"

"Can you think on your own, or do you need the media to think for you?"

"Can't Make It To Church. Just Too Many Human Sacrifices To Perform. Sorry."

"Can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding."

"Can't stop now. On my way to hell."

"Car service: If it ain't broke, we'll break it!"

"Casinos Still Give Better Odds than Churches."

"Cats are amazing! Cute, furry, friendly, and only 140 calories per serving!"

"Cats are children that you don't have to send to college."

"Cats are dogs with a college education."

"Cats don't want to own people. They prefer to lease with an option."

"Cats humor us because they know that their ancestors ate ours."

"Cats keep their claws sharp because they know that just a purr may not be enough."

"Cats make great pets -- out of their owners"

"CATS. The other white meat!"

"CAUTION! -- Driver just doesn't give a shit anymore!"

"CAUTION! -- Driver legally blonde!"

"CAUTION! -- Former fetus driving!"

"CAUTION! -- I brake for tailgaters"

"CAUTION! -- I can go from 0 to BITCH in 2.5 seconds!"

"CAUTION! -- I drive just like you!"

"CAUTION! -- Legally blonde!"

"CAUTION! -- Vampire in trunk!"

"Caution! Rosemary's Baby On Board!"

"Caution! Trigger-happy Klingon on Tactical!"

"Caution! Will brake for tailgaters."

"Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine."

"Chaos, panic and disorder. My work here is done."

"Chaos. Panic. Disorder. My work here is done"

"Charter Member: International Xenophobe Society."

"Charter Member: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy."

"Chaste makes waste."

"Chicken Little was Right!"

"Children Are People Too."

"Christians: can't live with them can't feed lions without them."

"Churches should stay out of politics or be taxed."

"Circular Definition: see Definition, Circular."

"Civil Disobedience - It's not just for revolutionaries anymore!"

"Clear the road I'm SIXTEEN"

"Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult."

"Clones are people two."

"Closet Extrovert."

"Club soda, not seals."

"Coffee, chocolate, men. Some things are just better rich."

"Come closer and tell me about it!"

"Come out, come out, whatever you are!"

"Come The Rapture Can I Have Your Car?"

"Come to Florida, and DIE!"

"Common sense isn't common."

"Compassion is difficult to give away because it keeps coming back."

"Computer Literacy? You mean my computer is supposed to be able to read?"

"Computers are like the Old Testament. Lots of rules and no mercy."

"Computers aren't intelligent. They just think they are."

"Computers help us to do stupid things faster!"

"Consciousness: That annoying time between naps."

"Conserve water. Shower with a friend."

"Constipated mathematicians have to work it out with a pencil."

"Constipated people don't give a crap."

"Contraceptives should be used on every conceivable occasion."

"Control your destiny or someone else's will."

"Corduroy pillows: They're making headlines!"

"Could Jesus change a water cooler into a wine cooler?"

"Could Jesus change the Whitewater Scandal into the White Wine Scandal?"

"Could you drive any better if I shoved that cell phone up your ASS?"

"Cover me! I'm changing lanes."

"Cowgirls like to ride bareback."

"Cracker Jacks must be in the license business again."

"Crime wouldn't pay if the government ran it."

Total Bumper Stickers: 70

All Bumper Stickers in Database: 2093

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Have a Bumper Sticker that's not in our database? Contact Us and we'll add it to the page.