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Enura by S.E. GordonShe Came with a Song,
Riding the Morning Breeze...

Unfazed by the frailties of humans and vampires alike, a dangerous transient known as Enura descends upon the vampire clan of Vissorouy. To survive, living and undead must unite to unravel her true origin, or be extinguished altogether.

Enura is currently 75% complete. Forthcoming chapters will be posted in the near future. For any suggestions, improvements, criticism, or praise, please e-mail me. To keep up with the latest updates, you can also subscribe to the RSS feed.

Cover Art © Claudia McKinney and Elandria Broughton-Sheard

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Know me not
But know me
You shall
For I am upon you
Wicked ones
With a hunger
That cannot be staved

-- From Transient Thorns by G.R. Hollow

Book I: Scourge

Chapter 1: Deepfell

November 20 at 3:00 PM

Archives - Photo courtesy of

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Quiet was she, the one they called Yakim.

"Surprised you are not off chasing vampires yourself." A gentleman in a charcoal coat took a seat opposite her. "I am Clarence." He held out his hand. "I come here often and noticed that you-"

"I know who you are, and it is of little consequence." Yakim continued reading her book. "If the others see you talking to me, they will bleed you dry before you have a chance to scream. And scream you shall, for the caretakers of these archives are nightwalkers of Elin's Fallow. Their fangs have a keen, acidic bite. This I know well." She draped her blond locks over the scar on her neck.

Clarence did not say a word. He angled his head, and then started anew. "And how do you know that I am not-"

"A vampire?" Yakim chuckled. "Surely you would not try that line on me."

"Actually, that was not what I was going to say at all."

"Really, you mustn't talk to me." She turned the page. "Furthermore, I do not care if you consider yourself as a decent man, a wicked man-"

"Or her master's familiar?"

Yakim finally looked up.

"You are in league with the vampire clan of Deepfell, are you not, Yakim?" Clarence pierced her with his silver eyes.

"You must go, now!" She slammed the book shut.

"I will do no such thing." He crossed his legs.

"Then death has surely found you."

"Life, death--it is all part of his divine plan." Clarence smiled. "You may have shadows at your back, but I have God on my side. And with him there is nothing that leaves me restless at night." He stood. "And along with him, I have the second best thing--the law. Which brings me now to you."

Two large men with leathery scowls materialized from behind Clarence and grabbed Yakim.

"Do not fret, my traitorous friend." He traced his hand down her cheek and then her neck. "Unlike the last dungeon you skulked, I think you will find your new quarters quite accommodating." He marveled at the crater in her neck. "Put her in the carriage."

Clarence pried the book from Yakim's hands and glanced at the title. "Keep this with her." He handed it back. "It is hard to find a good diversion these days."

Yakim struggled to pull herself free. "No, it must not be removed from these walls."

"Or what? What tragedy will befall us now, honorable custodian of the undead?"

Yakim whipped the tangles from her eyes. "You will break the seal."

"The seal?" Clarence choked. "Oh no, we must not do that!" He exchanged looks with his misshapen servants. "Take every book she has mulled over. I want to gaze at every page that she has--every word, every last drop of ink." He put his face in hers. "I want to see everything that is imprinted on that black soul of yours."

Yakim took a breath. "Only once will I tell you and once only. For charity's sake, leave now and everything will be made right."

"Only by shedding your blood can things be made right," Clarence grinned.

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