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Chapter 11: Retribution

December 11 at 12:00 AM

Burning House - Photo courtesy of

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Elexia Hunt thundered across the pavement, veering off Main Street and cutting through an unlit pathway where she felt at ease. A moment later her heels clicked across the cobblestone of Ether's Landing, and its prize, The Black Swan Inn. Elexia was a prolific killer, and when she so desired, an exceptional assassin. "She is mine." She glanced over her shoulder, and then stepped inside.

Lord Vangley tried to keep pace, but was still noticeably weak. The distance continued to swell between them until he lost all sight of her. By the time he arrived, Elexia was already inside. "Wait here." Vangley kissed Olivia and his two sons, and then speared his way through.

Sensing the old man would call off the prizefight, the horde did not bother clearing the way. Eager mouths clamored for the bloodletting. "Rip her right," they implored. The blood rant was in full rage.

"Out of my way." The elder forced his way through. As he reached the door, the mass abruptly stopped. Anxious souls poured into the lobby from all directions, clogging it shut.

Realizing he would not be able to slip inside, he backed off, and chose a spot just under Enura's window. The keen scent of burnt grass and white ash scorched Vangley's lungs, and tempted to close his throat. The ravenous mob waved their torches, and hailed her name. "Elexia," he shouted with the crowd, but he could not hear his own voice. "Elexia," he called again.

Suddenly the window shattered. A round shape bounced off the street, and rolled over to his feet.

It was Elexia's pretty head.

The crowd gasped.

Vangley raised his head, staring into her ghostly visage. Blood trickled from her mouth to her chin. As they locked eyes, Enura smiled.

Lord Vangley snatched the torch from the man beside him, and threw it at the inn. "Burn it down," he uttered.

The crowd cheered as more hands brought fire to its walls. As the inn smoldered, he never took his eyes off Enura. Even as the flames devoured her, she did not break her gaze. Soon she disappeared from view, until only her pale eyes remained.

"So it is done." Vangley turned.

And Enura was no more.

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