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Chapter 15: Scapegoat

December 15 at 12:00 AM

Orange Sea - Photo by Petr Kratochvil

Photo by Petr Kratochvil

The carriage shook as its wheels groaned up the rocky slope.

"And so Lord Vangley persuaded the consulate to issue a decree to all neighboring clans as far east as Belarus. The few that accepted did so out of curiosity, as if hunting wild game. None left alive," said Yakim. "It was then that the patriarch realized he needed a tactician; a hunter who stalked other hunters, most notably, vampires. This created quite a stir, but with their options dwindling, the shadow assassin was called in."

Clarence ran his fingers over the engraving, exploring every crevice. "So the godless fool met his match? A pity Enura did not slay him in his own fields." He put the cane aside. "A fascinating story, but not without questions. How is it that fire did not kill her? Even demons dread hell's breath."

"No one knows for sure. Fire does not graze her. Nor water," Yakim replied. "There are accounts passed through a series of letters of one referred to as the 'white witch' being drowned or held underwater for hours, only to return the following day. I believe this is linked to the sinking of the Chasseur."

"The Chasseur?" said Clarence.

"The consular's ship. It sunk off the coast, just after leaving port. Enura was blamed for the tragedy, but details are scarce. Witnesses claimed to have seen her board, but this came from the mouths of children, not men. There were no storms that evening, no known pirates in the area; Enura was an easy scapegoat."

"So what do you think? Do you believe that she murdered the consular and cast his ship to the bottom of the ocean?"

"No," Yakim replied.

Clarence raised an eyebrow.

"I think he was doing her a favor. She wanted to attract as many to Vissourouy as possible."

Clarence's ugly goons snored across from them.

"But why Vissorouy? Why not larger cities like London or Paris?" Clarence asked.

"The burning question, indeed," said Yakim.

The carriage slowed, and then stopped.

"Why are we stopping?" Yakim asked.

"I believe my driver is in need of relief." Clarence grabbed his cane, and then stepped outside. "Please, join me," he offered.

Yakim hesitated, and then took his hand.

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