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Darkness lingers
Beneath the sky
And in the hearts
Of all
Who dwell here
Flooding the harvest
With its red tide
A tale
A whisper

-- From Transient Thorns by G.R. Hollow

Book II: Hunter

Chapter 17: Reception

December 17 at 12:00 AM

As the sun faded, the vampire hunter descended upon the town of Vissorouy. Although darkness was not ideal for his sojourn, Lawson charged through it nonetheless. He would have preferred a voyage by sea, especially in daylight hours, but charters to Vissorouy had at least one stop in between, delaying his arrival by several days. On horseback he thundered, pressing his black steed down the coast three long days before arriving at the vampire haven.

Lawson readied his bow, and entered town. He did not bother hiding the rifle, and left his side arms in plain view. People went about their business as if they did notice, but he was certain they knew what lay beneath his coat. As he trotted by, men sucked down bottles of vintage, assuaging their bloodlust, if only for a time.

He continued to Ether's Landing where the rubble had been cleared, and a fresh structure sprouted from the foundation. "Must have been a wild night," he thought to himself, spotting the burn marks at its base.

Oddly enough, a cable arrived three days before, requesting a meeting at the old church. Surely the gesture intended to put him at ease, but it had the opposite effect, making him wary of an ambush. Still he could not get over the irony of seeing man and vampire walk side by side, with a house of worship as its backdrop.

The hunter dismounted, and pulled out a crossbow from beneath his coat. He kicked open the doors, and pointed into the shadows, tugging the horse along with him.

The vampire jumped out of his seat as the doors crashed open. He finished his prayer standing and genuflected. "Welcome to Vissorouy." He stepped around. "You must be Lawson Parker."

"It's Lawson, just Lawson." The hunter stalked down the aisle with his horse in tow.

The chapel was dim and with few windows, its pews antiquated and broken. The altar was bare, except for dust, and a cross did not adorn its walls.

The vampire hurried forward. "My name is Simon." He smiled, but not too wide.

Lawson lowered the bow, and took his hand. "Nice to meet you, Simon." He noted the enormous strength.

"Did you bring any guests with you?" Simon was careful to hide his teeth.

"Just him." He nodded to the horse, which grew increasingly nervous in the feeder's presence.

Lawson was unsure what kind of reception he would receive when he arrived. Surely his journey would not be complete without at least one vampire baring its teeth at him, but instead his guide smiled.

"Let me show you to the mansion." He circled around and exited.

"Relax, Taurus." Lawson patted the horse. "He is a helper."

Taurus snorted and turned aside.

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