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My Little Pet Dragon

My Little Pet Dragon by S.E. Gordon

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Chapter 4: Uninvited

December 3 at 11:00 PM

Voyeur - Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The voyeur had been watching since sunfall and he was not alone. Hours ticked by and still he could not keep himself from gazing at her silky mane as she ran a brush through it. How it glowed like the moon itself--if only he could take it into his own hands.


Her song echoed through his soul.

Inside of me
Be with me
Now and again

Brom was no saint, how could any of them be? But clearly he was not as aggressive as the rest. He would lurk awhile, as long as he could stand, and let another make the first move.

Although the knotted branch offered little comfort, it gave him a place to sink his claws while enjoying the sweet lullaby. How he longed to lie next to her, to feel her shadow cast over his. Just for one evening, was it too much to ask?

He shook his heart from his throat. Strangers were unpredictable; it was always best to invite a little caution. After all, the host might carry a simple malady, and taint his bloodline for generations. He needed to know a trickle more before indulging; all of them did. It would not be long before one of them relented and broke teeth on her.

"It should be me," he pondered.

Handsome was Brom, though just a tad shy. "Bare-handed Brom!" The others teased. "Late to feed, cold blood indeed."

He cracked his neck. Not long now. Not long of the others unlatched her window and slipped inside. Not long until one of others traced his fingers over her creamy white skin. One of the always was. Brom tried not to notice the gown tightening around her body as she leaned back in the chair. Those delicious curves. "She's mine," he said aloud.

"Be with me now," she called.

His breath quickened. Could it be? The words fell in his ear like a lover's whisper. Before he knew it, he was out of the tree and scaling the clay tiles of the Black Swan Inn. He could not restrain himself any longer. She was his and his alone--the way it should be.

Brom peered inside, but the enchantress did not rise; she just continued stroking her ivory tresses. He groped along the window's edge until suddenly it snapped open on its own accord. As is it were meant to be.

"I need you, Brom." The maiden gazed at him with her pale eyes.

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