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Chapter 5: Prey

December 4 at 2:00 PM

Blood Rose - Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Brom stepped inside, never taking his eyes off hers. She held his gaze for a moment, and then shied away to the far corner of the room. No other words were necessary.

He closed the distance in a blink; the only sound resonating was the curious beat of her heart. The vagrant pressed up against her, grazing her cheek with his. His fingers burned as they found their way down her shoulders, and then her back. He wanted inside of her, but not before tapping into her most private essence.

Slowly he brushed her pearl locks aside. Her jugular quivered, as if teasing his hungry mouth. Brom's hands scorched as he drew closer, yet he did not care to know why. He licked his chops, and then opened his mouth wide, revealing his ivory fangs. As he bit down, the woman spun around and buried her own into him.

The vampire could not scream nor pull away. The white witch had locked onto his throat and would not let go. Dark hues spilled from him as he struggled to peel her off. At last he snapped free, but not before removing a sizeable part of his neck.

He did not hear the glass window shatter, nor wince as the shards flew in his eyes. He could only watch helplessly as the stranger felled his kin with a single stroke, and then launched him back out the window he came in.

The siren did not notice a third vampire slip into the room, nor did she care. Cleverly he pounced on her and crushed down with all his might. As he squeezed, a rash broke over his arms and split open. He released her, gasps turning into screams, as he watched his flesh sizzle to the bone.

The wraith grabbed him by the hair and sighed as four wicked pairs of incisors extended from her gums. Relishing in the excitement of the kill, she held her prey a moment longer and then painted the walls with his blood.

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