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Es Adia by S.E. GordonThe Destiny of a Millennia.

Born on a distant offworld, a young girl struggles to assimilate with her humanoid brethren. Although the clan and its cruel code systematically try to break her down, the odd flow of energy coursing through her makes her mentally and physically formidable. And when she feels the presence of her kin drawing closer, she must carve her way out of the mountain stronghold if she ever is to know her true origin and purpose on this strange planet known as Earth.

Forthcoming chapters will be published at a later date.

For any suggestions, improvements, criticism, or praise, please e-mail me. To keep up with the latest updates, you can also subscribe to the RSS feed.

--S.E. Gordon

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Prologue: The Eye of the Future

October 30 at 2:00 PM

Burning Paper - Photo by Teodoro S. Gruhl

Photo by Teodoro S. Gruhl

A storm in the distance beckons me.

The wind stirs, washing the ashes from my palm. An identity, a faux life, smolders through my fingers. She is here, on this islet. It's only a matter of time before the red river rises. And rages.

The passport burns down to a charred husk. The driver's license is nothing more than a pool of plastic and ink. I throw it in, shedding the mask.

I can feel his eye upon me, the eye of the beast. But something is different this time; something has changed. His aura is weak, like a dog licking its wounds. As he scans inside of me, I realize it's not him at all.

But something colder, more procedural.

An abomination of science.

Built with malice and contempt.

I catch a glimpse of her in the reflection, of her cybernetic eye. Not much left of her is human. A sacrifice to the gods of science, like so many others before her. She scans over me one last time before cowering into the shadows.

I am meant to die this evening.

That much is certain.

But I will not abandon her.

Or surrender her to the void.

As darkness looms over me, I draw my sword, and step onto the world stage.