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Chapter 10: Joyride

August 10 at 12:00 AM

Street Lights - Photo by Petr Kratochvil

Photo by Petr Kratochvil

The driver stared off into space. As we approached the intersection, he punched the gas, blowing through a red light and nearly colliding with a delivery truck.

"What the hell are you doing, trying to kill us?" I screamed. He glanced over his shoulder, the glimmer from the street lights highlighting the deep scars on his face.

"Those are some nasty cuts. I don't have a band-aid, but I've got some Viagra here somewhere. Perhaps you could throw some on and see what happens."

Another red light, another near miss.

A black van turned the corner and followed us. Then another. "A little late for a taxi convention, don't you think? Feel free to drop me off anytime." More and more unmarked cars fell in behind us. It was as if we were going into battle. No, war.

The driver adjusted his earpiece and spoke into his collar.

"Do you like Asian food? I hear they've got some killer Indonesian around here."

It was the distraction I was looking for. He turned around and unloaded a barrage of gibberish. The scars on his face contracted like lightening bolts as the venom spewed from his mouth. I smashed his nose with my elbow, and then reached for the steering wheel. Suddenly something slammed into the front seat like a wrecking ball, flattening the driver. As the silver orb exited through the windshield, the taxi lifted off the ground, crashing end over end before coming to a stop at the corner of eighteenth and K.

I rolled to one side. Must have cracked a few ribs. Would it never end? I kicked open the door and wormed across the pavement.

Indigo stood in the middle of the street, black leather and bad intentions. "Told you not to take the taxi," the words finally came from her lips.

"Right." I staggered over. "Buy you a cup of coffee?"

She put a hand on her sword and waited. Knotted ropes descended from the rooftops and scores of dark figures climbed down. They were industrial strength ninja, compliments of Project Black Tide. The black vans cut off traffic in all directions as a helicopter thundered overhead.

Then something began to hum.

Three metallic spheres the size of basketballs descended from the sky. They orbited around us, threading in and out and gaining speed.

"I'll take mine black," Indigo said and drew her sword.

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