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Chapter 3: Upstaged

June 26 at 10:00 AM

Mirror - Photo by Amyrod

Photo by Amyrod (

I thundered across the rooftops, the wind at my back. Loose gravel made the footing awkward as I raced ahead. My pace quickened as I came upon a skylight and jumped through. A waterfall of glass followed me down as I landed somewhere between the cranberries and mashed potatoes. Quickly I unloaded my guns into their lifeless bodies. As the rounds tore through them I noticed that few had heads. Empty cartridges clanked off the table as I slapped in fresh ones and turned.

I was too late.

The seven executives had already been slain. And where was the eighth?

I grabbed a slice of cornbread and hopped down. Nothing beat good home cooking, not even killing. As I swept through the presidential suite, I gave thanks that no one had brought their families. No women, no children. Thank God.

It was always a dilemma deciding whether or not to leave a witness. Each of my jobs were carefully arranged in order minimize casualties. But sometimes it just couldn't be avoided. It was an unfortunate occurrence and tonight I had been successful. Or so I thought.

The toilet flushed in the master suite.

I rushed over. Pressed my barrel against the door. And slowly cracked it open.

A woman with dark eyes and olive skin stared back at me in the mirror. "Now that's what I call room service." She set a diamond earring in her ear. A short white dress hugged her tight body. "So what are you waiting for? Don't you have a job to do?" She turned and grabbed her purse.

Although I had my gun trained on her, it was hard to follow through. Even when a broad deserved it. I knew I'd have to let her go and live with the consequences. I always did. Then it was a matter of running down to Bogota and investing in some last-minute plastic surgery. I'd wanted to fix this nose anyways; perhaps I could throw in some liposuction. A few facelifts later I'd be humming.

"It doesn't have to be like this." I stepped inside. "You could tell your men that you didn't see anything and hid in the bathroom until I was gone. And that would be the end of it."

"I don't think so," a slight accent slipped out. "You see, you're the type of man I'd hunt down with my very last bullet." She took out a pack of cigarettes, then a lighter. "And I'd keep you alive long enough so you could watch me execute those dearest to you, as you have done to me."

She drove a hard bargain. No telling how pissed off she would be if I actually shot her.

"Now that we understand each other, you know that you cannot leave me alive." Her diamonds earrings sparkled. "Just grant me one last wish. A cigarette."

"It's not going to work." I knocked the cigarette out of her hand. "You forget that I do this for a living. And judging from your handiwork, I'd say you're an amateur."

"You think I did this?" she laughed, pulling out another cancer stick. "There's another killer in the room with us, Mr. Dennings."

"Wait, how did you-"

As she lit the cigarette, she angled the lighter and sprayed an acidic vapor into my eyes. I stumbled back, firing harmlessly into the wall. She kicked the gun from my hand as I tripped over myself and bounced off the floor. "I guess you didn't plan on dying today, did you Mr. Dennings?" She pulled out her own gun and fired. The bullet grazed my neck, taking out a piece of my ear. "Couldn't even shoot a defenseless woman. How pathetic." She squeezed off another round, shattering my shoulder blade.

"My aim is a bit off," she chuckled. "Let's straighten that out right now." She pressed the barrel to my head. The room was a blur of bright lights and bad intentions. "Thank you for your service, Miles." She gazed down like a demon about to devour my soul.

Behind her something slipped out of the ceiling. In an instant her hand was no longer attached to her arm. The sword swung twice more and she slumped over, her eyes trailing off into space.

I squinted my eyes. All I could see was her long dark hair. She pulled me close and helped me to my feet, her pale blue eyes slipping in and out of focus. "Indigo," I managed. Although I could not see her, I could sense her smile.

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