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Chapter 4: Echoes

January 30 at 12:00 PM

Fallen Angel

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“Even angels fall, but it’s what they do afterwards that determines where they lie.” The voice seized her. “All your life, you’ve fought just to stay alive, but you may not be able to will yourself through this one. Almost out of time, fragile one. Out of time.” The sound of breaking glass echoed through the void.

Bright lights illuminated before her, falling in and out of focus. Tyler stood over her, stroking her long, dark hair.

A doctor stepped over, and pulled him aside. “Her body rejected the liver,” he whispered. “We’ll need to find a new donor.”

“How much time do we have?”

“There’s still time, but we must act quickly.” The doctor patted him on the shoulder. “Her kidneys are in bad shape, but we managed to stop the bleeding.”

Tyler nodded, and gazed at Sara’s angelic repose. “Years ago, I had a chance to become a hepatologist, but I thought I could make more money being a cardiologist, so I chose that instead.” He took off his glasses, and wiped the corners of his eyes. “I am at your disposal, doctor. Use me as you see fit.”

The doctor nodded, and stepped out of the room.

Tyler pressed closer, and put Sara’s hand in his. “Don’t leave me.” The room faded, and all was quiet.

Sara shot up, the cuts on her arms bleeding through the gauze. As she got to her feet, pain knifed through her side. She stumbled into the dresser, struggling to keep herself upright. Sara was far too young for this; after all, she was 29, not 59.

She opened a panel behind the vanity, and punched in the master code. A slat in the wall slid open. “There’s something you’re not telling me.” She forced her way inside.

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