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When in Doubt

Seriously Warped Solutions

Confusted Cat Photo by Umberto Salvagnin

Doubt. It has a funny way of creeping into our lives. It can paralyze us, preventing us from doing the things that we love. This tongue-in-cheek set of guidelines is meant for fun and shouldn't be taken seriously. In fact, forget you ever saw it...

  • When in doubt...throw it out and start over.
  • When in doubt...write about it.
  • When in doubt...wait 5 minutes and then try again.
  • When in doubt...tear it all to pieces and start over.
  • When in doubt...dive into a mountain of chocolate bliss.
  • When in doubt...drop the kids off at the pool.
  • When in doubt...add ice cream.
  • When in the whole lot.
  • When in doubt...hide the body.
  • When in doubt...reply to yourself.
  • When in doubt...reload.
  • When in doubt...sleep on it.
  • When in doubt...douse it in whipped cream and dive in.
  • When in doubt...doubt that you doubt.
  • When in doubt...blame it on the inlaws.
  • When in doubt...deny that you are in denial.
  • When in doubt...add 20%.
  • When in doubt...scream your head off.
  • When in doubt...devour a box of chocolate chip cookies.
  • When in doubt...make it look like an accident.
  • When in doubt...claim ignorance.
  • When in doubt...go back to bed.
  • When in doubt...slap yourself.
  • When in doubt...use soap.
  • When in doubt...pump a few more rounds into it.
  • When in doubt...choose the firing squad.
  • When in doubt...push the red button.
  • When in doubt...plead insanity.
  • When in doubt...blame it on the dog.
  • When in doubt...slow down.
  • When in doubt...give him the death penalty.
  • When in doubt...just give her your entire wallet.
  • When in doubt...exhume the body.
  • When in doubt...add salt.
  • When in doubt...let it all hang out.
  • When in doubt...make a mad dash for the bathroom.
  • When in doubt...whip out the Viagra.
  • When in doubt...have your 2-year old son put it back together.
  • When in doubt...send out a group hug.
  • When in doubt...get an axe.
  • When in doubt...get a second opinion.
  • When in it a night.
  • When in doubt...step away from the vending machine.
  • When in doubt...go first class.
  • When in doubt...just write.
  • When in a mile.
  • When in for the hills!
  • When in doubt--you've seen The Crying Game, haven't you?
  • When in doubt--I mean come on, man. It's a dude!
  • When in doubt...put away your credit card.
  • When in doubt...get a salad.
  • When in doubt...go on a nice, long walk.
  • When in must be chicken!
  • When in doubt...ask your cat if it sounds like such a crazy idea.
  • When in doubt...put on a pair of clean underwear.