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The Shattering of Three by S.E. GordonAuthor's Note

An experience that can only be described as unique, this tale of a wayward, though cognizant, zombie is told entirely through poetic verse. But don’t let the format discourage you. It’s easy to get immersed in its dark, lyrical world. Read the first few passages, and experience the magic for yourself.

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--S.E. Gordon

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Part I: Wayward

Chapter 1: If

August 7 at 11:26 PM

Woman Alone

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Warm tears
Are my only comfort
I weep for a small eternity
Losing track of where I am
This body
Barely recognizable
What have I become?

This skin
Once soft and radiant
Now the color of the grave
My blond locks fade
A dark shade
Running through them
I am nothing more
Than a corpse

I am here without you
My love
And without you
I’ve lost my way
Thinking about you
All day long
Wondering where I've been
And why God gave me
Another day
To fill with my despair
If only
I had you near

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